For the Home

A thoughtful alternative to sending flowers to the service is to send flowers to the home. 

Flowers are especially appreciated once the service is over and it seems everyone has gone back to their own lives. The bereaved can be left feeling lost and alone.  To receive flowers at this time can say so much by saying so little…

We Deliver!

You can order on line or by phone 508-634-0003

Fresh flowers arrive daily. 
Call us if you’d like to know what flowers we have in stock today.

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Lilies and Delphinium
blue delphiniums, hydrangea, roses and lilies..
Oncidium Orchids
modern design of delicate yellow orchids..
Protea and Orchids
cymbidium orchids, lilies, protea and tropical leaves..
Roses and Boronia
pink roses, snapdragons and boronia in cylindar vase..
Roses and Orchids
cymbidium orchids, pink roses, snapdragons and tropical foliage..
Starry Night
Vase arrangement of gorgeous all white flowers.    ..
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